Some Songs Your
Mother Sang:

Anemone Arms
Anybody Else
Banana Hammock
Beat That Drum
Between The Rent and Me
Black Eyes
Black Sky
Candy for Everyone
Chin Up
China Light
Christmas Time Is Here
Cinnamon Girl
Come Around
Counterfeit Rules
Crimson and Clover
Don't Really Know Me
Don't Worry Be Happy
Filler Is Wasted
Fly A Kite
Good News
Goodbye Horses
Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
High Horses
I Would Die 4 U
Innocent Heathen
Keep Quiet
Kill The Power
Lemon Peel
Like Bullets
Muse Like You
My Murmuring Darling
No One In Control
No Words No More
Not Good Enough
Pay For This Dance
Red Handed
So Red
Stop Your Bleeding
The Beat Comes
This Year
Time of the Season
Trust Me
Victim Card
White Christmas
You'll Be Fine

Victim Card

A version of: Victim Card

From the pages to your head you give up
on trying to make things make sense
We've been losing for quite some time now
playing the victim card
The temptation, the sin, if we lay down, they win
we are all that stands
It may look like blind hate from the enemies of the state
when we're playing the victim card
so bind your sisters' hands for we will be away
for quite some time
across the desert sands and all across the land
playing the victim card (x 4)

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Written By: Jordan Jeffares

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